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World Champions


Agnes McGroarty (Position: Forward Swipe) Govan LSC; Joyce Hunter (Gigot) St Margaret's LSC; Millicent Carmel (Streak) Bristol East LSC;
Daphne Turbine-Hamilton (Captain & Centre Plook) Dalry & District LSC; Ponchiella Drapatolli (Neep) Dalry & District LSC;
Nancy Raskin (Fouter) Portobello LSC; Caroline Branteigh (Slip) East Grinstead LSC; Phoebe Rampling (Poke) Bayswater LSC


Olympic Snelving Squad


Gold Medallists, Berlin 1936

Back Row:
Matthew "Snuffy" Foster-Braithwaite (Position: Point Loper) Oxford University SC; Eldon "Muriel" Maskelyne (Reeve) Chelsea & Kensington SC;
Thomas "Fanny" Blaenkers-Cohen (East Lump) Goldsmiths College SC; George "T-Bone" Wilson (Gulch) Rugby SC;
Michael "The Professor" Turbine-Hamilton (Captain & Forward Punt) Dalry High School FPSC

Front Row:
William "Frenchie" Jackson (Totter) Harvard SC; Guido "Niffy" Drapatolli (Leap) Trincomalee Empire SC;
Leonard "Len" Salmon (Clype) Salop SC; Simon "Steamboats" Lawrence (Chintz) Cambridge University SC


Great Britain Greek Snelving XIV


Photo of the 1938 World Championship Winners taken before the Winners' Fancy Dress Ball at Yale (June, 1938)

Back Row: "Sister Veronica" (Jack P. O'Donoghue) Position: Attic Loper; Club: Lundy Island SC;
"Sister Concepta" (Nigel D. D. Thynne) French Griddle, Blackheath SC; "Sister Marijuana" (T. K. Pilchard) Opsfark Gline, Glasgow Greek SC;
"Sister Theresa" (Fred Hoyle) Gweek, Warwickshire County SC; "Sister Agatha" (Gideon Osborne),Pinch Gline, Milngavie Greek SC;

Middle Row: "Sister Lusitania" (A. K. Nietzsche) Fly Man, Funchal GSC; "Sister Voluptua" (Ralph Bodger-Steele) Cludge, Port Sunlight SC;
"Sister Chlamydia" (D.R.T. Kemo-Sabe) Sniffer, Latakia SC; "Sister Cucurbita" (I.N.Fulton) Poop, Troon G & T SC;
"Sister Fallopia" (J.K.Smith) Potrzebie, Lochgelly SC;

Front Row: "Sister Gloxinia" (F.W. Asperger) Tumfy, Mombasa SC; "Sister Fatima" (T. Q. Laxton) Flush & Reserve Fly, Kensington & Chelsea SC;
"Sister Listeria" (R.W. Rowland) Overt Back, Penzance SC

Photo by "Mother Superior" (Max Turbine-Hamilton) Greek Swinger & Captain, Dalry HSSC


World Water Snelving Championships (Saltcoats Convention Rules)
Great Britain Squad


Back Row: G Mitchell Oswald (Position: Dipper) Club: St. James WSC; Finnbarr Q. O'Leary {Plongeur) Dublin South WSC;
Angus M. Turbine-Hamilton (Swamp) Dalry Garnock WSC; Clive R. Poltiss (Floater) Southampton Wets SC;
Peter O. T. Pute (Skipper & Deep Flange) Sarston Down WSC; William N. Jones (Slever) South Wales WSC;
Nelson A. J. Graffe (Stopcock) Finchley Tally-Ho WSC;

Front Row: Horace T. T. McRammy (Anchor) Tay WSC; Giuseppe G. Drapatolli (Flipper) Ardrossan-Saltcoats WSC;
Nigel Y. O. Poffer (Snipe) Marischal College WSC.


Snelveurs Mobiles
Paris Tournament


Back Row: Gaston LeStrange (Position: Fleupe) Club: Pierros Guirec SM; Paul Gascoigne (Calque dripe) Caen SM;
Henri Cyprais (Doublet Vert) Clermont Ferrand SM;Teophile Pernod (Bon oeuf) Riems SM
Middle Row: Henri Villeneuve (Tuille) Toulon et Toulouse SM; Jacques Pustule (Sprague gauche) Paris Libre SM
Pierre Blanc de Queuvre (Loupe gros) Aquitaine SM; Marc Flambeure (Saussure) Lille SM
Front Row: Dariel Font d'Ululance (Petit pont) St. Nazaire SM; Charles Turbine-Hamilton (Capitaine et Grouter Fixe) Biarritz SM et Dalry SC (Ecosse);
Georges Drapatolli (Faffeur) Nice SM et Dalry SC (Ecosse)


Snelving Club St Andrew's Night Dinner


The Rolling Stones: Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, Mick Jagger, Brian Jones and Keith Richards

The Club was privileged to welcome the band to their St Andrew's Dinner in November, 1962. After performing several of their blues numbers,
the Stones surprised the company with their arrangements of "Willie Brew'd A Peck O' Maut", "Willie Wastle" and of course "Cock Up Your Beaver" into the same bargain.

Photo by Roddy Turbine-Hamilton DHSSC Social Secretary 1962-63

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